A cat adopts a baby squirrel (video)

A mom cat who adopts a baby squirrel in addition of his kittens litter, is there more ideal to start his day with a smile?

While a cat, called Emmy, had just had a litter of kittens , his The owner went to the obvious: she could not keep them. As a responsible person, she struggled to find a family who would take care of the mother and all her kittens .

When taking the mother and her children to bring them to their new home family, the woman's attention was drawn to a small living being in the middle of her garden. It was a baby squirrel

that had just fallen from his tree.

No time to think, the newborn squirrel is delivered to itself here, it must be retrieved. She then adds it to the kittens reach. As impressive as it may seem, the squirrel was immediately adopted by the mother

and the litter of kittens. The newcomer received the same treatment as his "half-brothers": the mother fed him and took care of him as if he were his own child. The host family naturally agreed the coming of the squirrel they called Rocky

. They explain that because of the way he was raised, he could not survive alone in the wild. Indeed, Rocky the squirrel already takes himself for a cat. The proof? It purrs