A dog trainer mistreats a dog and gets the wrath of the web

In recent days, a video has been circulating on the Web. This shows a canine educator, president of the Balinghem club, in the Pas-de-Calais, violently attacking a German Shepherd.

In the one minute video that is massively relayed on social networks since Sunday, we can see a canine educator train a German Shepherd in the exercise of bite. But in the nineteenth second, the situation degenerates, and the man, identified by the name of Pascal Lecourt, then twirl the dog in the air by catching him by the collar, before the return and violently throw it to the ground

Broadcast on the web three months after being shot, this video has caused a wave of indignation among Internet users. Two petitions were launched and collected 12,000 and 15,000 signatures, respectively, three days after their release.

The owner of the dog waits 3 months before casting his video

The owner of the dog, who is also the author of the video, has filed complaint with the Gendarmerie d'Ardes for animal abuse . But where the story is complicated is that it arises three months after the facts. According to witnesses from the Balinghem Kennel Club, the master reportedly continued to bring his dog after this violent incident, while retaining the video for blackmail purposes. The man had indeed threatened to broadcast if the educator refused to issue a patent to his dog. Patent that he finally did not get...

For its part, the Central Canine Society was made aware of the practices of the president of the Balinghem Kennel Club, and summoned him to his Board of Discpline . The mayor of the city has meanwhile blocked the activity of the club until further notice.

Attention, the images in this video may be shocking:

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