A British man lives in a dog shelter for 35 days

His name is Sean Le Vegan, he at 35, he is English, he is volunteer at Manchester Dog's Home, and he plans to put himself in the place of a dog locked in a box of this shelter for more than a month.

As of October 5, Sean will live as a abandoned dog collected by the Manchester Dog's Home. He will share his box with another dog, he will have one hour to use a bathroom, will not have a bed, but only a blanket.

"I will live like any dog ​​from Manchester Dog's Home"

One could question the usefulness of this experiment. For Sean, this is knowing exactly what dogs end up when they enter refuge .

" When the idea came to me , people thought I was crazy. It's going to be hard , "said the man. " Going to the bathroom will obviously be a problem, so I removed the caffeine, salt and sugar from my diet to maintain my water level. In the first days, I will not eat or drink anything , "he added.

Dogs arriving at a shelter take an average 4 days before eating r . To make his stay as authentic as possible, Sean will do the same.

Raise Awareness

This action, Sean wants to divulge it to the world, so everyone knows what it's like live in the box of a shelter . To do this, he will make every effort to make his own publicity .

Thus, he hopes to raise funds for Manchester Dog's Home, and to raise awareness

Concretely, Sean will install a webcam in his box, so that everyone can attend his daily . He also wants to call famous guests , dog trainers and groomers.

Manchester Dog's Home is a fantastic charity that has been doing this for over 100 years. He needs money to renovate kennels and make them safer from vandals and thieves. Every penny will come back to them "explained Sean, who has been a volunteer at this shelter for many years.

If you too would like to follow Sean Le Vegan's progress, go to his pages Facebook , Twitter , as well as on its website .