A breed of cat reappears after more than 10 years of absence!

Threatened and unreachable species, sand cats made a brief appearance in the Sahara, allowing some scientists to learn some additional information about them.

More than a decade that we did not see the end of its vibrisses in the natural state, it is now done! An extremely rare fact all the more important, since we know almost nothing of the cats of the sands: "There is a real absence of scientists studying the cats of the sands , very few observations are made to evaluate the behavior, population, and status of the species " said John Newby, a member of the Sahara Protection Foundation. Present in the deserts of North and South-West Africa, these cats are classified as a near-threatened species.

To overcome this problem, Shakeel Ahmed's team, to Abu Dhabi, have positioned cameras in the largest desert in Africa, to locate 3 individuals, including a male and two females!

© Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi

This great advance has allowed to create a little feline identity card. It is known that it prefers to grow in temperatures between 11 ° C and 28 ° C and that it is likely to feed on small rodents or reptiles . Hope is reborn for the sand cats, who should, at least the observation area, benefit from the establishment of a protection program.

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