A bowl that forces your dog to eat slowly

Morpheus, wolverine or belly on legs... so many little names that we give to our dogs when we see the speed at which they eat . Just as for humans, eating too fast is not good for our 4-legged friends!

A question frequently comes up in AllCreatureAnimalClinic's questions and answers: My dog ​​eats too fast, what can I do? This kind of behavior leads to bloating and facilitates the tendency to get bigger.

The two most common tips given by the community are, firstly, mixing the kibble with water so that the dog slows down the pace and drinks at the same time. Another more original solution is to put a petanque ball or an annoying object that the dog can not swallow inside the bowl . So he will have to eat around and will be slowed down.

The Slo bowl solution

All that to tell you that AllCreatureAnimalClinic has found another 100% effective solution : " the maze bowl "or Slo bowls of the innovative brand Dog Games .

These playful bowl models (BPA, PVC and Phthalate free) have irregular shapes that will to increase the meal time of our doggies . Other good news, they cost € 20.

No need to blab about using our new crush bowl, the video demonstration is quite explicit.