A blind dog saved from euthanasia plays the ball (Video)

Being a dog born blind and breed Pit bull is starting life with two handicaps of size . For this reason, Brilla the bitch was promised a sad fate: to be euthanized .

Luckily, she was rescued by a shelter in the city of Cincinnati (USA) which gives a second chance to dogs of so-called "dangerous" breeds .

Thus, Brilla the Bull was adopted by a couple of benevolent masters who made her a happy bitch and .

On this video, we see 10-month-old bitch who uses her keen sense of smell and hearing to fetch the ball her master sends her.

Being a blind dog is a handicap, not a fate!

How to live with a blind dog?

A blind dog can live almost normally in an environment he knows, namely the home and surroundings (places of usual walks).

It is particularly noted thanks to its smell and its knowledge of the territory .

But in a ENDR oit unknown , a blind dog will have a hard time finding and moving around; that is why his master must act as a guide , through the leash and with the voice.

At home, it is important to not to move furniture to not mislead the blind dog. If you have to, do not hesitate to put some perfume on the furniture in question so that the dog feels its presence.

If you have other animals , it can be useful to put a bell to make the blind dog aware of their presence

It is also necessary to teach the blind dog to to stop on demand to avoid an accident!

In general, blind dogs are more comfortable with their disability than blind humans, with much better hearing and smell .