A black cat with vampire teeth seized the heart of a

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This cat wandered the streets of New York when a young woman one day looked at him. Falling under the spell of her physical peculiarity, she chose to adopt it. Her life before her adoption? A permanent danger . To survive, he had to feed on what he found outside, protect himself from the weather and other animals but also, pay attention to vehicles. In spite of his natural cats' cautiousness, the irreparable one almost happened to him when he crossed a street at full speed... not being overthrown. "He appeared in front of my mother's car. We stopped and went out. He was covered with dirt, fleas and was malnourished. Her eyes were infected, " delivered Nicole Rienzie to Love Meow

about her. Without asking more questions, mother and daughter took the animal with them. Bathing, caring, good meals... they did everything to put him on legs with the idea of ​​offering him a better life with a loving family. "But I realized how much our meeting was predestined. I needed him ."

On the other hand, the young woman had a real blow to the physique of the little cat... her canines giving her the look of Dracula.

A Cat as Charming as Grateful But nothing serious about this feature: it's rare, but sometimes cats have longer teeth like Loki, the vampire cat. does not detract from their vigor . It is also for his that the beautiful little black cat was baptized Monkey, "He quickly earned his nickname because of his antics"

, confided the l happy owner of the tomcat with unusual charm Today happier than ever, he makes the happiness of his family, his adopted cat-brother shortly after him... and his almost 27000 subscribers

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