A bitch saves her mistress, about to be crushed by a train

female female was critically injured while firing her mistress on track at the time of

train in a city in Massachusetts, USA The woman had lost consciousness while on her way home from home. Lilly's company, his

8 year old Pitbull dog Tragic destiny wanted her

to fade on the

train . bad luck, a train was preparing to pass... It was not counting on the

reactivity of the bitch , who seized his mistress with her mouth to remove it from the rails, just in time! Unfortunately, Lilly the bitch did not get that chance. The train driver saw the dog and her mistress in difficulty, but could not slow down in time to avoid the collision : the animal

lost the tip of its front leg right

, has a fractured pelvis and several internal injuries The bitch has risked her life to save that of her mistress Wounded and covered with blood, the dog is

remained with from his mistress to the arrival of the helpers The animal was taken care of and then taken to the clinic by the victim's son. He was the one who had offered the dog to his mother 3 years ago. Thanks to this dog, her mother found comfort and reduced her drinking. This time, she had just

saved her life !

Lilly's recovery is now my only priority, and I'm going to do my best to get her back to us "said the woman's son rescued by his dog. But Lilly's cure is going to be long and very expensive because it requires advanced treatments. Also, a fundraiser is organized to allow

Lilly the heroic dog