A 2-headed cat enters the record book (Video of the day)

It was known that cats have 9 lives... But 2 heads? Discover Frank and Louie , a cat (cats?) Rare since with 2 heads .

The 12 year old has just entered in the Guinness Book as the oldest living cat with two heads . Just

One cat (not) like the others

Frank and Louie has three eyes , two mouths, and one brain. Its masters have only one stomach to feed.

The cat does not suffer from visual disturbances since the center eye does not work, and its two heads do not conflict when the bowl comes in because he eats only one mouth.

Finally, aside from his appearance, Frank and Louie is a cat all that is most normal .

D ' elsewhere if the animal is still alive today, it is probably thanks to the unconditional love that his masters bring him.

Saved from euthanasia

Because an animal that presents such a genetic abnormality is usually destined to die prematurely.

Twelve years ago, Frank and Louie were brought to the emergency room of a veterinary school to be euthanized ; his owner did not want it.

Marty, his future owner worked there and fell in love with it. For 3 months, she fed the animal with tubes before being allowed to live like other cats.

And you know the height of the cat with 2 heads ? It behaves like a dog ! According to his mistress, he loves driving and being leashed.

The 2-headed cat, on video

Frank and Loui do not know where to turn!