A 10-year-old boy awaits his guide dog, a dog that will transform his life

Carter Veldevere is a little American boy 10 years old not like the others. What sets him apart from other children his age? He can not ring at a neighbor's house, hold a pencil or open and close a door.

At 14 months, Carter was diagnosed "sick". The child has type II muscular atrophy, degenerative disease which progressively deactivates the movement of muscles throughout the body.

Carter is one of the children on waiting list who hope to one day have a service dog, a dog that will change their life

Adopt a guide dog, a waiting list of several years...

To have a dog , Carter was part of a four-year waiting list! The dream of a new life was still far away...

Yet Tuesday, August 28, Carter learns the news, he is going to have his dog. School friends, family and teachers from West Jordan, Utah, were all at the party celebrating the arrival of his new companion in his home and in his life. The request of the family Veldevere was sponsored by the sign Smith Food and Drug Stores and the brand of treats " Milk-Bone ". " I'm very happy for my dog, says Carter, it's going to be a great dog and I can not wait, I want to get it right now!" .

The dream of a new life begins

But the child will have to wait a little. The service dog that was reserved for him is still a puppy. This last life in Georgia on a farm of several hectares owned by Canine Assistant , a

Carter will therefore have to wait one year for his puppy to grow up and be trained to help him with all his daily tasks. He will go with his family to see the puppy and train with him. " They become the best friends in the world and each have a friend for life"

explains Engum , a dog handler During a demonstration inside a store in Salt Lake City, Engum showed the prodigious abilities of these dogs, especially his Golden Retriever

, Barnsley . The latter helped him to take off his jacket, carried his water bottle and walked step by step with Carter. The Canine Assistance organization trains only the yellow Labradors blacks and the Golden retriever . The education of dogs is progressively and always with the help of

treats . Caring for a dog for more than a year costs 18,340 € . Carter will receive help to cover the cost of adopting his new dog. But for him, the time is at the choice of