AllCreatureAnimalClinic / RMC survey: give your opinion for the show Your animals!

AllCreatureAnimalClinic launches today with the radio RMC the question Your Animals , a weekly survey on a topical issue related to animals of course!

Give your opinion!

The results will be revealed and commented every Sunday morning by the veterinarian Laetitia Barlerin , the journalist François Sorel and their guests on the show Vos Animaux broadcast live on RMC from 6h to 8h.

Every Thursday, AllCreatureAnimalClinic will publish the question of the week. So do not hesitate to give your opinion! Answer the survey and post your comments on the topics covered!

"Are you ready to pay your pet more, so that it comes from a serious breeding?"

Next Sunday is a topical issue that will be debated during the show. On Monday, December 9, dog and cat breeders will protest in front of the Ministry of Finance to protest against the VAT increase , which on animal sales will increase from 7 % to 20% as of January 1, 2014.

> Angry dog ​​and cat breeders show

A move that will raise the price of puppies and kittens, and may well benefit undeclared breeders , individuals and networks of important eastern animal countries without compliance with the legislation

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