AllCreatureAnimalClinic tested for you the Café des Chats

Here, after several months of work, Margaux finally opened the doors of her Café des chats , located in the 3rd district of Paris
The official opening is set for September 21st, but the AllCreatureAnimalClinic team had the pleasure of going there in preview.

The Café des Chats, what is it?

Inspired by the Neko Cafés, the establishment of Margaux does not look like these Japanese bars, where the well-being of cats is unfortunately often neglected in favor of comfort of the customers.

Margaux keeps repeating that we are the guests of the cats , and not the opposite. It is not possible to "book a cat" for lunch or afternoon tea. The cats are not objects!

In a calm and cozy atmosphere, different and delicious pies are proposed at noon, followed for the most greedy of very good pastries.

It is also possible to come after lunch, to drink tea, coffee, or hot chocolate, while enjoying the company of cats.

Margaux, the young creator of Café des Chats

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On the sofas, between the tables, the toms wander around, play together, or with the customers (toys are at their disposal) delighted to be able to enjoy the benefits of the converson therapy. Others settle on the knees of lovers of cats, and are cuddled.

Happy cats?

Do they seem scared, stressed, unhappy? Not at all. Even if we can not predict the future. The shy ones are isolating themselves, and no one comes to bother them.
Note also that you can not come to the Café des Chats with your own tomcat or doggie.

Customers are not the ones only to feast!

Of course, and even if cats are kings, they do not have access to the kitchen. And their litters are naturally not left in the sight of customers. The room is large, divided into several rooms, which makes things easier.

9 cats have been adopted. They come from different refuges in Ile-de-France. Among them, Paw in round, Caleesi, or Jungle. All had a two week adaptation time, to discover their environment, and to appropriate this new territory. They have been with the customers for a week. And the first encounters seem to go well.

Cats are very interested in the cameras of M6!