94 Cats found in a sorry state in a small apartment

The Singaporean authorities discovered a colony of cats in very poor health and living in unsanitary conditions in a small home. It was a clandestine breeding

Following numerous complaints from residents of a building about a foul-smelling odor from an Singapore apartment, the authorities eventually intervened and discovered a distressing sight. 94 cats were crowded there and lived in scandalous conditions. Most of them were sick, or even dying , and had obviously never received care.

Neither a bowl, nor bed, nor care

They were fed simple kibble even the floor, drank in buckets and had no place to sleep comfortably. The Cat Welfare Society was immediately called in to help them. "Their fur was sticky, some had a cold, others had only one eye, the other was infected and full of pus. One of them had a injury covered with maggots . Some of the hairs were completely tangled and pooped, "lists for The Dodo Maychoo Ling who works with the organization. She, who has saved many cats in her 14-year career, has never seen so many cats in such a small space.

"The stench was unsustainable," she says. None of the cats had been sterilized and the cats, Siamese for the most part, had bred to each other. When she arrived, Maychoo Ling could see a cat breastfeeding 5 kittens but she was too dehydrated to actually feed them (one of them died shortly after her rescue). One group did not move at all during the procedure. "I was afraid they were too sick, they did not even open their eyes. But in fact, they had just resigned themselves to die .

A new life awaits them

After 4 hours of patience, everyone was put in transport cages and taken to the vet. Some, in serious condition, stayed several days in the clinic to be treated. The others are temporarily in a kennel waiting to find a place in a shelter or a new family. "They look a lot happier ," says the Singaporean. We can see them patouner which means they are happy and relaxed. ยป

A cat who finally discovers the joy of life

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