8 Adorable cats decide to spoil their master by making them funny gifts!

No, cats are not horrible creatures. And for proof: some are trying to make nice surprises to their humans. In the lot are often hiding some funny things...

You like your cat. With good care, caresses, tenderness, tender words and good little bowls, you even prove to him every day. And if your living room tiger is for you like a child, know that he knows it, benefits from it and in his own way, returns the favor.

You doubt it? Well you should not! Every day that passes, he does his best to take care of you and shows it to you by saying "I love you" in his language. And this step often goes through that of gifts. Gifts ? Mice or dying birds, because it is well known the cat is a hunter, but also... surprises much more "original" (and sometimes very useful, sometimes) like those received by some users of the social network Reddit . Floril├Ęge:

"My cat gave me my tights and my socks"

"My cat gave me a butterfly with amazing color, I had never seen in 38 years!"

"Instead of a dead bird or a mouse, my cat gives me leaves - it's been doing this for years!"

"Some cats bring mice or birds home. Our cat brings us our sponges! "

" My cat took this kitchen glove from the drawer and brought it to me as a present "

" My cat brings me socks when I do not pay attention to her in the goal of gaining my approval "

" We adopted a stray cat, and here is the gift she gave us! "

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