70 Cats lived in a small two-room apartment in the Paris region

Two animal welfare associations came to the aid of 70 cats who were crammed into a small apartment located in Montereau-Fault -Yonne, in Seine-et-Marne.

He was overflowing. The owner of 70 cats visited last July at the headquarters of Animally Yours to ask for help. As a result of this call for help, members of this association, accompanied by Not so stupid , went to the home of the fiftieth man:

Danielle Guingel

The owner was taken aback by the reproduction of his cats

This is where, in this small apartment of 50 m², they found the 70 felines that lived on each other. "They were nice, but imagine the smell! The owner had nice clean, it is complicated in the apartment, "said one of the volunteers at Parisien. His cats, unsterilized, had reproduced to the point he had left

Adopted by the associations, cats are proposed for adoption The adopters undertake to sterilize them from the age of 6 months. A veterinary clinic sensitive to the cause offers associative rates: 65 euros for the sterilization of a cat, 45 euros for the castration of a male. Fifteen cats have already found a home. But the others are still waiting for their families.

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