70,000 Dogs slaughtered in Bali and served to tourists without their knowledge

A survey conducted by an Australian animal welfare association revealed that dog meat was always a dish consumed in Bali, especially by tourists who think they can taste chicken. This investigation also reveals that animals are slaughtered in a very cruel and, above all, illegal way.

(Warning, this article contains photos that can offend sensitivity) This is a terrifying discovery made by this investigator from the association Animals Australia to Bali , destination of many holidaymakers coming from the 4 corners of the globe for its dream beaches... A paradise which hides a real canine hell. Although dog meat is not banned in Indonesia, the slaughter of these animals is particularly violent and illegal, and the meat dishes are sold mainly to tourists who think to eat chicken

Kidnapped, abused and savagely slaughtered

By pretending to be a food reporter, he was able to infiltrate this dark network for four months and reported the chilling result of his investigation to ABC .

According to this investigation, nearly 70,000 dogs would be slaughtered and sold cooked in the streets and restaurants, without the nature and origin of the meat being specified to consumers. These animals, whether they are wandering or domestic, would be brutally removed in the streets, swayed in bamboo chests or in bags, without food or water, for hours or even days, before being tied up and gagged with scotch and then slit in front of their fellows.

Animals Australia

"The dogs were screaming and struggling as the strangles strangled them. Some tried to bite the bonds to free themselves but they were muzzled and their attempts were futile ", testifies the investigator who preferred to remain anonymous. Yet accustomed by his trade to witness animal cruelty , he admits he had trouble remaining unmoved by the suffering suffered by these dogs.

Dog sold as chicken

Their flesh is then used by restaurant owners but more particularly by street vendors who offer dishes presented under the vague name of "satay" that tourists associate with chicken and not dog. Without knowing it, they therefore consume doggie while many may be opposed to this market. Not only are they fooled but they are also exposed to certain dangers, these dogs being either carriers of diseases such as rabies or poisoned with substances dangerous to humans.

Animals Australia

"This dogmeat trade violates animal cruelty and health safety laws, it's a fact," says Lyn White, campaign manager for Animals Australia. The association urges tourists to be careful when buying meat dishes on the street to not encourage, even against their will, this horrible market. A petition addressed to the governor of Bali calling for the ban on the sale of dog meat has been launched and has already collected more than 50,000 signatures.

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