7 "Secrets" on the movie My Dog Lives Everyone Should Know

On April 19th, My Dog's Lives goes out to the movies all over France. Partner of this film event, AllCreatureAnimalClinic invites you to discover its mysterious scenes!

1. About to be abandoned, one of the dogs was adopted

That is the fabulous destiny of Mailo the Corgi, aka Tino in the film. While the production was looking for a dog to play the companion of a young student, she fell on the profile of the small canine on a site classified ads: it belonged to a man from Los Angeles who, because of his move, wanted abandon. Without asking more questions, she decided to adopt it... to make it a movie star !

2. Canine siblings were released from a dog zoo in Japan

Like Mailo, no one wanted Bolt (who plays Buddy in My Dog Lives) or his brothers and sisters . Fruits of love between an Australian Shepherd escaped from his pen and a bitch Saint Bernard, the little bastards were absolutely not wanted by the zoo caring for their parents. They too have been adopted to become Hollywood stars .

3. Four: this is the number of dog breeds put forward in My Dog Lives!

My Dog Lives? It is THE family fable that is good to watch. This film is a little gem of poetry that makes you aware of all the roles that a dog can have in the life of his master . And to pay homage as it should to this species, today considered as being better friend of the Man, four breeds of dogs were put in the honor: the Golden retriever, the German Shepherd, the Corgi and... a Crossing Australian Shepherd / St. Bernard!

But that's not all: all along the film you can see other numerous breeds of canids.

4. Eight weeks to work the basics were needed to train the dogs

The animals came from different universes. Everything was then done to enable them to grasp the filming as little as possible: the dogs were accustomed to stressful environments and filled with people while being wandered through parks, a shopping center... The first 8 weeks of filming were also devoted to learning basic tricks and then, canines learned the tricks of their role in the film.

5. Bailey's voice is the same as that of Olaf in the American version!

Here's a cute little anecdote that will undoubtedly please all lovers of the Disney universe! While Bradley Cooper was tipped to tell Bailey's story in his different lives, it was Josh Gad who finally landed the job. He is best known for lending his voice to Olaf , the snowman star of The Snow Queen .

6. Lasse Hallström and dogs, a love story?

With My Dog Lives, Swedish filmmaker Lasse Hallström is sure to sign with success. This is not the first time: in 2009, he directed the feature film Hatchi in which a dog continued tirelessly to wait for the return of his master.

7. My Dog Lives, a story from a bestseller

Before being a cinematographic work, My Dog Lives ... is a novel! This film is indeed the adaptation of A Dog Purpose written by W. Bruce Cameron. A book that has also been an incredible success across the Atlantic: he remained no less than 52 weeks on the list of bestsellers of the New York Times. And do you know the most incredible thing in all of this? It was written for the writer's wife in order to help her to mourn for her deceased dog friend... and that she has landed a scriptwriting position for the adaptation of her husband's work!

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