7 Reasons why dogs hate Halloween

For weeks now your disguise is ready! That's it, the big moment is almost here: this weekend is Halloween! In addition, this year you have provided accessories especially for your best friend 4 legs. Your dog will love his pumpkin costume!

Finally, do not be so sure... If your dog to spend the evening with you, provided that no one likes to frighten him, he will prefer to do without the finery that you expected to adorn. But the question of disguise is not the only problem...

Here are 7 reasons why your do not like Halloween !

1. It does not recognize you

A suit too successful can be very destabilizing, even frightening for a dog. Your triumphant arrival in the living room once your disguise is on, it will pass willingly!

2. There is a constant ring at the door

It is well known that dogs do not particularly like being disturbed by the doorbell. If it lasts all day, your 4-legged companion may well be impatient!

3. He is not allowed to eat sweets

The idea of ​​sweets is rather tempting. But unless your neighbors have planned to distribute kibble, your dog will not see the color!

4. He must pose with pumpkins

The photo sessions on the beach or in the forest, pass again. But the poses with pumpkins as frightening as mute, very little for him!

5. He learns that ridicule does not kill

Unfortunately, dog disguises are not always of the best taste. When looking at images published over the years of Halloween, your dog has good reason to worry...

6. It is considered a dangerous animal

Your dog is a love and frightening people is fortunately not his favorite sport. Do not pass it for what it is not.

7. He makes YOUR childhood dream come true!

You disguise yourself as Indiana Jones, a Star Wars character or a dinosaur is your dream, but we dare not do it? Do not forget that your dog did not ask for anything. Your wishes are not his!