56 Days in prison for putting his cat in the dryer

A young man of 23 years old to be sentenced in England for ill-treatment of his

cat. The British had locked up his pet in his dryer

, and posted on the Internet a video of what he thought it was a wildly funny joke...

He closed the tumble dryer, and started it

The young man, a man named Alan Staughton, did not just close the machine door. He put the dryer on for several seconds... In the video posted on Youtube, and broadcast during his trial, we see him watching with amusement his cat while the animal is in shocked.

Ravi, he then decides to start again for a few more seconds.

A prison sentence of Sentenced by the Huntingdon Court, he will spend 56 days behind bars, reports TF1 News

. The young man was also banned from having a pet again.

Alan Staughton, who is reported to be suffering from behavioral problems, acknowledged the facts, and does not seem to regret them. The young man told the RSPCA, ( Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

), wanted to make a "fun experience"... His cat was of course removed, and the animal lives today in " a loving home