53 Dogs in agony saved from certain death thanks to the SPA

More than 50 dogs held in terrible conditions were rescued from their plight on March 7 by the Society for the Protection of Animals from Lyon. They were placed in local shelters and a complaint was lodged against their owner.

The original intention was laudable. Unfortunately the means were not there. Dogs hungry, rickety, dirty, sick, piled on top of each other... it is a scene of horror which broke out in the light thanks to the work of the SPA of Lyon. Saying act on behalf of an association for the defense of animals, a woman from Saint-Martin-en-Haut (Rhone) kept at home 53 dogs . The most "lucky" animals lived in the dark, in the middle of their droppings and rubbish. The others, on the other hand, did not leave their tiny cage and were piled "in the toilets of the house."

On the photos published by the shelter, one can easily realize the extent of the damage:




Report of the rescue: 2 dogs euthanized

The SPA went to the scene following a report. The investigator of the association was sent to the scene and was shocked: "She is immediately alerted by the presence of a dog with a muzzle and attached, with a collar, in a very bad condition , locked in a vehicle, which she sees from the outside, "explains the SPA on its website . Assisted by the gendarmes, she was eventually able to enter the home. In addition to the lugubrious state of the house, three corpses of putrefactive dogs were discovered on the terrace.

In the face of the emergency, 42 dogs were placed in boarding school. Eleven other animals were hospitalized because of their concern. The association also had to euthanize two of them because sentenced by their passage to this woman who was supposed to save their lives... A complaint has already been filed.

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