525 Cats and dogs were adopted at the Christmas of the animals of the SPA in Paris

It is place of the Republic (Paris) that the SPA organized on Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 December its Christmas of the animals. On this occasion, many hairballs were adopted.

"The magic of Christmas has operated last weekend Republic Square, for our animals waiting for a better future," said Natacha Harry, the volunteer president of the SPA. And for good reason: 525 animals from 14 different shelters have finally found a loving home following the Christmas Open Doors that took place in the ephemeral Parisian refuge. Among them, 395 cats and 130 dogs

A large-scale event that also brought nearly 12,000 visitors

Responsible adoption, the fight of the SPA

As Natacha Harry reminded our confreres of LCI : "France is the leader in Europe in terms of possessed animals, and paradoxically leader in Europe in the abandonment of animals." Nearly 100,000 Animals are indeed abandoned each year and thanks to its work, the SPA makes "adopt 40,000 per year". But still advocating responsibility : adopting a cat or a dog is not a trivial act, you must have the means and take the full measure of this act.

You do not have could you go to the Christmas of the animals of the SPA and wish to adopt a small companion? Find thousands of animals to adopt in our adoption section and on our mobile application Adopt me !

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