5 Years after the disappearance of her beloved cat, she discovers the shocking truth and does not recover

Like what, chance often makes things right.

There is nothing more sad than the loss of an animal and there is nothing more beautiful than a reunion. So get out the handkerchiefs, because the story of @ngvhi - narrated on Twitter - may make you cry. And not just a little

Unexpected return

After five years of disappearing, @ngvhi's cat - Panther - came back. A very unexpected return and a totally crazy story.

Shortly after his disappearance, Panther was welcomed into a shelter located in the city next door. He stayed there for a while and finding no family, he was placed on the list of cats to be euthanized. Fortunately, he was adopted a few hours before his euthanasia by a woman at large heart

After a moment of living with this woman, Panther was given to her parents because she could not take care of it anymore. And the funny thing about all this is that the woman's parents happened to be @ngvhi's neighbors! So for several months, Panther lived in the house right next ... All in a totally incognito way because the cat remains almost all the time inside and therefore has no opportunity to cross its first owner

nguhi on Twitter

But soon things get tough for parents who also have a Husky breed dog. That's when @ngvhi offers to keep the dog a little bit to help them, and then decides to adopt it. All without knowing that these same people live with his missing cat !

nguhi on Twitter

And then one day, Panther - renamed Charlie by the neighbors - arrived at @ngvhi as if nothing was Right away, @ngvhi recognizes his friend who has been missing for so long and can not believe his eyes. Today, if Charlie / Panther has been living with his neighbors, @ngvhi is lucky to be able to see him when she feels like it. Of course, the neighbors offered to get her cat, but Panther feeling so good in her new home, she did not have the heart.

She adopted their dog, they found her cat!

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