5 Trendy toys for your cat!

If the laugh is the characteristic of the man according to Rabelais, all the lovers of the cats agree to say that the game is the cat's own ... well almost!

When it does not nap , ie about 20 hours a day, and that it does not not eat, that is to say up to 9 times a day, the cat is a formidable ... predator of the living room!

AllCreatureAnimalClinic thinks of you and your felines that must be diverted curtains, armrests for couch and table legs with a selection of 5 cheap and trendy toys for your cat:

Balls, a timeless

A Ball it is a toy that will always please a cat. It rolls for hours, and when they are in sisal, it's claws!

Sisal balls - 7,55 € each

The circuit with the luminous ball

Since the cat is a animal mainly active at night, for what not to offer him a toy with a bullet shining in the dark? No risk of losing the ball, it stays in the wake of the circle

The light ball circuit - 21,95 €

The candy labyrinth

You hide croquettes or other candies in the labyrinth , and your cat must be ingenious to find them by putting on his paw. A good way to keep your cat active while you're out of the house!

Crochet Labyrinth - 19,95 €

The Ball Tray

Balls in a Trainer , openings to push them with the paw, and your cat is gone for several rounds of circuit, like in F1!

The circuit with balls - 19,95 €

The dispenser of treats

A ball, it's good. But a ball that dispenses treats when the cat rolls it is better! The kibble ball will motivate your cat to earn a reward.

The candy dispenser - 5,95 €

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