5 Shopping ideas for the return of your cat!

She is fast approaching, the dreaded comeback! And for animals that have had a dream holiday with their humans, it's like having a bad time to spend... It's the return of the routine and the hours spent waiting for our return from work.

Some cats live more difficult than others this new change of pace, and that is why it is strongly advised to prepare his animal at the beginning of the season. Why not also take the opportunity to offer to your cat new accessories that will allow him to approach more serenely return to daily routine?

Toys to take care

If the cats spend most of the day sleeping, that does not mean they do not need to get busy! Take a look at cat intelligence games and you'll find plenty of trays, mats and other toys designed to stimulate and entertain our felines for hours.

If your cat is a wolverine, choose a game in which you can hide kibbles. He will have to solve the puzzle before he can taste them.

A new perch

It's no secret that cats like to climb and perch high enough to observe the world around them. This is why the cat tree is an indispensable accessory for cats that do not go out and whose owners are interested in the objects that dress their shelves!

Choose a cat tree also acting as scratching and providing enough platforms and hiding places to keep your cat busy for hours

A cozy bed

Your cat's favorite cushion begins to tire? And if you offered him a new cozy nest where to take long naps during your absence? From the simple hammock to the most stylish cat basket , there are cat sleepers of all shapes, materials and colors. But it is your cat who will have the last word. If your gift does not please him, he will make you understand it!

A water fountain

Go work with peace of mind by opting for the very practical cat water fountain and dog. Thanks to her, your dear and tender feline will have fresh water at her disposal throughout the day.

A massage station

Your cat is crazy about the pussies and you feel guilty of not being able to him to do all day long? What if you offered him a cat massage station? Yes, there are some! Of course, this will not replace your caresses and scratches, but it should make your cat wait until you get home!