5 Accessories for rodents in good mood!

Rodents also have a right to their return! To better occupy them, improve their comfort or simply maintain them, here is a list of 5 rodent accessories original, practical and essential to have a rodent well in his cage!

1. The sand bath
When we struggle to get rid of the sand when we come back from the beach, the rodents do the opposite: they take sand baths! This is part of the hygiene of small animals, especially octodons, gerbils and chinchillas. The sand bath (21.50 €) is used to polish the hair of these rodents, which love it. Be careful, they only have to go there once or twice a day, hence the interest of the lid. Thanks to this accessory, rodents, unlike us, will believe in the beach all year round.


2. A fur hammock (false of course!)
To rest, nothing better than a quiet corner. But in a cage it is sometimes not obvious. Thanks to the hammock leopard print (the class!), Rodents can not only have a panoramic view but also have a cozy corner fashion! The real advantage of this suspension is the softness of its texture , very pleasant for the mouse, for example, when it rubs its belly. Who said that rodents did not know Dolce Vita? For 8.20 €, the rodents will run smoothly.


3. The wooden swing
After a nap in a hammock, there's nothing like a small swing (4.50 €) to have fun! This small trunk linked to two wooden racks exists in two sizes and will allow Akilinea the gerbil to practice. He can climb, sneak, jump and swing in peace! Be careful though that he does not confuse him with a giant candy that he will have plenty of time to nibble!


4. Fruit candies
This time no confusion, these toys are really eaten! To meet the needs of our gerbils, mice, guinea pigs, octodons or other rabbits, whose teeth grow permanently, these fruits (2.80 €) will be ideal. In the shape of pineapple, pear or apples and with attractive colors, they will brighten the day of your rodents and do a good job to their teeth. Most ? While munching its fruit, George the rabbit will leave your sons and other objects alone!


5. The slide playground
No more hamsters who just run in their wheel. Today, fashion is the playground for rodents! As in the children's park, (and for 14.80 €) the mice (for example) can climb and stay under the roof, sleep under the platform, climb the ladder or even slide! And when one of those clever rodents tries to climb the first floor by the slide, you will not have to miss that. Guaranteed laughter, take out your camcorders!