5 Christmas gift ideas for your dog

In a few days there will be under the trees of thousands of families a special gift, for the dog, cat or rabbit. Our animals are full members of the family, so they deserve a little surprise too, no?
But what could you offer to your four-legged companion? An extra gift is also a difficult choice to add to the list!

Here are some Christmas gift ideas for your dog , found on Conso Animo !

A rope to cuddle

Your dog likes to cuddle his toys? Mid-plush, half-rope, the toy Braidz Kong will adapt to his mood of the moment.

Comforter, traction game, and maintenance of his teeth and gums: he has good chances of become your dog's favorite toy !

His own sofa

Your dear and tender doggie has made your sofa a cozy nest and it hardly leaves you a place to to sit there? And if you offered him his own sofa?

With its memory foam mattress, the soft and comfortable Orthobed Karlie Sofa preserves the joints of dogs. It is you who will want to squat the soft and comfortable sofa of your dog .

A box full of surprises

Toys, treats, hygiene products and maintenance... the Woufbox is carefully prepared each month with branded products to please not only the dogs but also their owners.

For 17,90 euros, you will receive every month a selection of novelties and essentials adapted to the breed and the size of your dog

Tasty treats

It is not recommended to give the remains of his meal to his dog, and this rule also applies to the Christmas Eve. Rather delight your dog by preparing a special dinner or offering special treats.

Yoghurt apple chicken, honey deer, spinach parmesan lamb or camomile banana duck: the dog biscuits Terra Canis are as tasty as they are original.

A game to stimulate your intelligence

If physical exercise is essential to keep your dog healthy, it is also good to stimulate his intellect. There are all kinds of games to make our best 4-legged friends work.

The Dog Activity Flip Board of Trixie , for example, fills with treats and forces the dog to use your thinking skills to overcome obstacles and get a well-deserved reward

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