48% Of French people would be ready to go on holiday with their cats and dogs!

According to the results of a recent Ipsos study , conducted among 1095 people aged 16 to 75 years, for the campaign "They go with us" carried by the brands Whiskas and Pedigree, the majority of French pet owners consider them as members of their family...

Dogs, cats and even rodents are more and more present in French homes. And for good reason, today, more than one home in two is home to an animal! Moreover, the majority of them is composed of 35% of cats against "only" 27% of dogs. They are also important pillars of integration, with multiple benefits, and they are also the central pillars of households who no longer hesitate to consider them as full members of their family .

So, if the animals dictate in a certain way the daily life of their humans, the owners are 48% not to consider going on holidays without them , their adorable little hairy companions!

The relatives, privileged for care

One thing is certain: such a score shows that adoption is a more and more thoughtful and responsible act . Moreover, those who can not bring their hairy with them are 40% to ask a close to come to take care of it, 25% to use the services of a dog or cat-sitter and only 5% to use a pension service

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