400 Cats and dogs to be adopted this weekend in Paris in an ephemeral shelter of the SPA

Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th December, many hairballs will be waiting to be adopted Place de la République (Paris) on the occasion of the Christmas of animals organized by the SPA...

In order to promote responsible adoption and to offer a merry Christmas to its little protégés, the Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA) invites Francilians to come and meet them in an ephemeral shelter Place de the Republic. For two days, potential future adopters will be able to meet 400 cats and dogs from 14 different shelters to ideally open the doors of their homes.

"Do not To be wrong, Animal Christmas is not an opportunity for families to offer an animal as a gift. On the contrary, it is an opportunity to offer a new home to a animal as a gift. A home, that is to say a responsible family, aware of its commitment for many years, "said Natacha Harry, the volunteer president of the SPA, in a statement.

A responsible family for Christmas

Waiting for adoption, there will be cats, dogs, old, young... who all have the same hope in them: FINALLY find a family forever . And Christmas is the time for good deeds, it is natural that the SPA hopes to see - for the better - each of its residents.

Employees and volunteers of the association will also be present on site to make sure the animals go away in good hands. They will also be there to remind you that many kitties and doggies can live in an apartment but also listen, inform, guide and find the best adopters.

Adopt, a responsible act

Greet an animal at home n ' is not an insignificant act: one must be able to give oneself without counting both emotionally and financially. Cat or dog, the responsibilities are more or less the same: walks, care, outings, food, supplies, moments of games, cuddles... everything is important. If your decision is well thought out and you plan to adopt a ball of hair this weekend, you will need to provide proof of residence and give a financial contribution of about 90 euros for a cat and 150 euros for a dog. Amounts that correspond to the costs of sterilization, vaccination and identification.

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You want to adopt but do not think you can go to the Open House of the SPA? Find thousands of animals to adopt in our adoption section and on our mobile application Adopt me !

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