3 Years in prison for the director of a shelter that had killed more than 2000 dogs and cats

A Spanish animal welfare association, suspected of having been the scene of a massive killing of animals, was brought to justice in early January: its director was sentenced to 3 years in prison and a fine of around € 20,000.

This case hit the headlines last November: Carmen Marin Aguilar, director of the Parque Animal shelter, located near Malagà, appeared before Justice for nearly two months for animal cruelty and falsification of documents. Aged 72, she received a sentence of three years and nine months' imprisonment and a fine of 19,800 euros . His accomplice, he was sentenced to one year in prison and a fine of 3,600 euros.

A slow and painful agony

The facts go back to 2009-2010: at that time, these two people killed 2 183 cats and dogs in good health to reduce the costs of their shelter - non-profit - and develop lucrative activities such as grooming and veterinary care. Activities for which Carmen Marin Aguilar had no diploma.

To kill these animals, the director and her accomplice injected a lethal substance, but at a reduced dose to reduce costs. The agony of cats and dogs was then slow and painful. Their executioners turned off the surveillance cameras and set the music to hide the yells of pain and distress . Only a health inspection in 2010 revealed the horrors of this shelter and led to an investigation. And you, do you find this condemnation sufficient?

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