3 Months in prison for having martyred his dog

Last October, the story of Diabolo caused a stir among lovers and animal defenders. After having lived a monstrous ordeal, the dog was finally released. A few more days, and there is no doubt that he would have succumbed.

13 days tied to a tree

This Beagle, about 5 years old, spent more than 10 days tied to a tree near a railway line in Puy-en-Velay in Haute-Loire, without water or food. It was a local resident who saved him, alerted by these barking and crying. The dog was tied by a rope of just over 10 centimeters.
Diabolo was of course in a pitiful state . Hungry and dehydrated, he had seriously injured his throat while trying to free himself.
Several animal welfare associations, including the Haute-Loire SPA, 30 million friends and the Brigitte Bardot Foundation civil parties, claiming exemplary punishment against the executioner of Diabolo

3 months in prison and 4,000 euros in damages

Accused of voluntary abandonment of a domestic animal and acts of cruelty, the owner of the dog did not attend his trial. But Diabolo was exceptionally allowed to enter the courtroom. He was present when the sentence of his cruel master was pronounced : the 33-year-old man was sentenced to 6 months in prison including three with suspended sentence. He will also have to pay 4 000 euros to the five associations that have made civil parties, and was banned from owning an animal, reports France Bleu .
After having spent several months in a family of welcome, the little miraculate was adopted three weeks ago by a couple living in Lozère . Danielle Barathieu and her companion had a crush on the dog by discovering a report that devoted to him the show 30 million friends . As the trial is over, the final adoption of Diabolo will be formalized in the coming days.