3 Months after hurricane Irma, he finds his dog thanks to SPA (Video)

After the passage of hurricane Irma, three months ago, many evacuees could not leave with their animals . This is the case of Brice, who had to leave his dog Jahya on the island of St. Martin. But thanks to the SPA, he has just found it!

Installed for 5 years in Saint-Martin, Brice lost everything after Hurricane Irma, which devastated . At the moment to evacuate the island by plane, he was forced to leave without his dog Jahya. Collected on the spot, she was transferred to the SPA delegation of Guadeloupe who took care of her for three months.

The SPA organizes the reunion at the airport of Orly

Thanks at the work of the Society for the Protection of Animals, which has been very involved in helping the animals victims of Hurricane Irma, Brice has been able to find Jahya at Orly airport. Moving people reunions broadcast in a video, posted on the Facebook page of the SPA:

Brice finds Jahya, 3 months after Hurricane Irma

Now reunited, Brice, his daughter and Jahya live in the South of France. " My daughter was only waiting to find her dog! ," said the happy master. Let's hope that for the whole family, Irma will soon be a bad memory...

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