3 Dying puppies barely saved by an association

The association Pactanimal took care of three tiny puppies that were about to die. Belonging to an individual, they were in critical condition.

It's on his Facebook page that the association Pactanimal has published photos that are cold in the back. Three small Australian-born Border Collie-Berger puppies were saved in extremis. Their mother, very young, did not have enough milk to feed them. Their owner gave them then fed cow's milk and formula for expired human. "The young were intoxicated, three died before we knew of their situation," says the association.

The three survivors were in a state of malnutrition advanced, had 'huge' stomachs, claws too long for them to walk as well as fleas. One of them was also "a big worry to an eye," says Pactanimal.

Puppies take strength in foster care

The association took care of them, washed them and cared for them. They are currently in foster care where they are gaining strength. A month and a half old, "they are stunted due to malnutrition" but "recover slowly, eat , sleep and grow a little every day. " When they are ready, they will be proposed for adoption.

At the same time, the Pactanimal association announced that it was at the search for foster families and donations of all kinds (material, food, medicines). You can contact her via her page Facebook .

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