3 Dogs and 2 horses in distress rescued from a recidivist couple

The 30 Million Friends Foundation intervened for the second time in Cramont, in the Somme, in a couple who neglects their animals

Just a few months after rescuing 15 Yorkshires from this couple "in a worrying state of health", the 30 Million Friends Foundation again intervened to save other animals . Three dogs and two horses were found in a deplorable state. Although elderly and sick, they were not treated. "One of the bitches is 18 years old and she has tumors on all the udders, including one the size of an orange," said the veterinarian. Another dog suffers from a "tumor on the level of the upper right inflamed" and an "abscess to the eye". It will have to be operated.

Despite all the care provided since the Foundation took over, one of the three dogs has not survived. A mare and he died a few days after

The 30 Million Friends Foundation again filed complaints against this couple. Case to follow.

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