3 Dogs, 1 guilty (Video of the day)

What was the surprise of this master on his return from work.

In the kitchen, garbage spread to the four corners of the room . The trash has been sacked!

Who can be responsible for this stupidity?

In the house at the time of the incident, there were 3 dogs : to begin Jed, an American Staffordshire terrier and Xena

Both rush over their master, swinging their tails from left to right to express their excitement.

And then, in the background, we see Tank, A Mastiff who looks down at the ground. And for good reason, the poor animal has simply stuck the lid of the trash around the neck.

Too late for the punishment (he was not caught in the act), but to see his guilty look, we imagine that he will not start again soon!

So Tank, we still did damage?

This video makes us think largely of the guilty dog, do not you? Over here for more dog videos.