20 Pictures of dogs that will make you cry with laughter

We all know, our dogs are great comedians. Whether to make us smile or independent of their good will, they make us laugh a lot with their antics. The proof by 20!

Equipped with a camera and a dog with the sense of the irreproachable humor, these owners of doggies did not hesitate to take their companion in situations as improbable as hilarious... and of course, we love it!

1. "What ?! Did you say food ?!"

2. Have you ever seen a dog sneeze? Here is a brief overview...

3. "You said I was going where? At the vet?!"

4. Dogs are also great contortionists...

5. "Guys, help me up, please!"

6. "No, I tell you I'm not lost... I do not see where the problem is!"

7. "I really do not understand why my human loves cars so much..."

8. "It's okay do not worry, it's nothing compared to the nonsense I intend to do the next time you leave without me"

9. "Are you serious?" It's really this toy that you intend to offer me for my birthday? "

10. "It looks pretty good what you eat... you give me one end?"

11. A good big teddy bear and the head that goes with!

12. "But I told you I hated the snow!"

13. "I keep an eye on you, I do not trust you"

14. Looks like this one just saw a ghost!

15. It's like this dog feels stupidity coming...

16. This dog looks crazy about his mistress!

17. "You will not catch me!"

18. "When someone is happy to see you come home..."

19. Falling asleep on each other? Why not!

20. "Well what, I'm doing yoga in my own way!"

Your dog also likes to do the clown in front of the lens? If so, do not hesitate to send us your photos of him in comment on our page Facebook !

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