2 Sisters become friends with a tiny cat so that he is not alone

Georgia and Carolina were placed in foster care when they were only a few days old. When the little orphan Alabama arrived, they welcomed her with open legs.

In early October, a woman found under her porch two little kittens less than a month old, totally frightened and in distress. She immediately took them to Cat House on the Kings in California to find the help they needed. All the way, they cried, meowed and trembled with fear. Because the students were still very small and in need of special care, they were quickly cared for by host family . Once fed, washed and cuddled, Georgia and Carolina turned into balls of affection. But to give themselves strength and to be reassured, they always remained close to each other.

2 + 1

A few days later, the family took care of the Alabama . This tiny orphan girl was rescued on a highway where she risked being overthrown. She too was terrified and her protectors immediately thought of introducing her friends to comfort her. So she met Georgia and Carolina and although she was suspicious at first, ready to spit, the flow finally went very well. The adorable duo became a trio and the three hairballs are now inseparable.

The two sisters obviously felt that the newcomer needed a lot of love and support and immediately adopted . The first contact quickly evolved into gaming, grooming, patounage and dodo, huddled against each other. Since then, together, they give each other strength to grow up and forget a difficult beginning of life for a much brighter future.

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