2 Orphaned squirrels adopted by a cat mother

Two baby squirrels huddled against a mother cat and her cubs: these are the kind of images that we never tire of discovering , the kind of stories that we do not get tired of telling.

"He does not even know he's a squirrel"

" We found a baby squirrel under our porch, without any sign of his mother. He shivered and breathed with difficulty "tells the photo sharing site Reddit the human who collected it.

The little orphan was taken to the vet, and back at home, her rescuers put her near their cat, who had just given birth to a litter, hoping she would take care of him.

By chance, and almost instantly, the cat mom took it against her, and started breastfeeding her, as if it were her own little one, thinking of a kitten, the little rodent " does not even know he's a squirrel "tells the one who calls himself mustardits on Reddit

2 days later, a 2nd baby squirrel

And the beautiful story does not stop there Two days later indeed, the cat appeared at the door of the house with another baby squirrel, probably the brother of the first.

" She carefully placed against the kittens and squirrel number 1 "tells the mistress of this adorable and incredible little family.
How to remain marble in front of the images of all these babies huddled against their mother , biological or adoptive?