2 Dogs and a puppy beaten, saved from the garbage room where they lived a nightmare

The 30 Million Friends Foundation and the police came to the rescue of two adult dogs and a puppy who were permanently locked up in a trash room, located in the courtyard of a building in Saint-Denis (93).

Not only were the American Staffordshire dogs locked in a tiny space 2 m², but they lived a hell: barely fed with leftover pasta, they had no water available, waded in their excrement, and were regularly beaten, to believe the stick and handle of pickaxe found on the roof of the room

Dogs were terrified

The female had swollen breasts, suggesting that she had recently had a litter. The pair of dogs could indeed have been used for the breeding .

The male, meanwhile, was extremely terrified, "letting it be known that these animals were regularly beaten," said the Foundation. Millions of friends. This is also what the puppy found on the spot suggests: about 4 months old, he suffers from a fracture opened to the jaw several days old and untreated.

The three dogs were supported by the 30 Million Friends Foundation. The latter also filed complaint for abandonment and serious abuse near the police station of Saint-Denis.

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