18 Really wiser dogs... posted on the web by their masters!

We love them, our four-legged friends. But it must be said that sometimes they have a slight tendency to push us to the end... and rather than fall on them and punish them, some owners have preferred to play with their sense of humor...

The "dog shaming "(English for" the shame of the dog ") is the new fashion on social networks. The goal? Display your pet with a sign indicating the stupidity he has committed . The owners then bring a camera, a crime scene, a sign and an incomparable sense of humor to make a most entertaining photo. Everything is then published on social networks or posted on the dog shaming website to punish them for making big mistakes.

Discover the culprits of these beautiful dog shaming... and the next time your doggie will make nonsense do not hesitate: draw your camera!

1. "I pooped in the air and now the whole house smells!"

2. "I ate the last five pages of the book that Dad had not finished reading, I wonder what happened?"

3. "I watch the cats eat my food because I'm afraid to chase them"

4. "I bite all the time, so I use the collar of shame"

5. "I ate 13 keys from my dad's laptop keyboard, now my poop is letters of the alphabet"

6. Human: "I removed my denture and left it on the edge of the table" / The doggie: "I swallowed Papa's denture, yum yum!"

7. "Daddy had to run after me in the woods, he fell, hit his head against a stone and there I pee on him."

8. "Dad took me to work and I pee on a lady's blouse."

9. "I killed my duck."

10. "Fairy tales do not exist anyway." Kafrey & Six "

11. "I ask for scrapes on the back and then I pee in the face of the scraper."

12. "I did not find my ball."

13. "I made you bread."

14. "My face is swollen because I tried to eat bees."

15. "I tried to go with strangers to the park, I love the Pugs, what can I do?"

16. "0 days since the last massacre of toilet paper."

17. "I stole some underwear from the laundry basket, and dropped it at the neighbor's door."

18. "My mom was not sure she wanted to throw that yoga mat, so I helped her decide."

Your dog is also doing big things? If so, do not hesitate to tell us your stories in comment on our page Facebook !

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