160 Animals seized in 7 Parisian pet stores

Yesterday, Tuesday, June 10, Customs seized 160 dogs and cats in seven Parisian pet shops located on quai de la Mégisserie , this lane of the 1st arrondissement celebrates these pet shops and nurseries.
Eight people, including the three owners of shops, employees and a veterinarian, were placed in police custody from a survey for animal trafficking launched two years ago following the complaints of many people who bought animals in these establishments but also from the SPA.

Animals from the East

These pet shops have suspected of having imported their puppies and kittens from the countries of the East, Hungary and the Czech Republic in particular. "A dog bought 150 euros in Hungary was for example resold in Paris ten times the price, with a false veterinary certificate " explains a spokesperson of the General Directorate of Customs quoted by AFP.

These dogs bought at very low prices and resold much more are often weaned too early, and were not vaccinated before being sold to their future owners.
"Among the animals seizures, we found puppies younger than indicated on their papers and therefore not properly vaccinated against rabies "said Julien Soubiron, deputy head of the anti-trafficking cell of the SPA. And to add: "We have been waiting 20 years for this intervention of justice, it is a great satisfaction for us and our teams."

The eight people arrested during this vast customs operation are also suspected Ill-treatment of animals and illegal practice of veterinary medicine As for the animals seized, most of them were entrusted to the SPA. Placed under judicial requisition, they can not be proposed for adoption before a court decision is rendered.