15 Months after his disappearance, this miraculous cat was saved from the waters (Video of the day)

Two men recently rescued a cat, stuck on the edge of the Dolphin Bridge in Norwich ( England). And their gesture did not make a happy one...

Passing by, Becky Steel, a cyclist, found that a cat was stuck under a bridge, visibly cold with fear. It was then that she stopped two men who - very close to her - were preparing their boat. Neither one nor two, so they pulled out their oars to improvise heroes for a day.

Gentle, Stephen Hawkes and Danny Mealey rowed to the cat so as not to scare him more. They then caught him and then boarded their boat. "At first the cat was panicked but eventually he came to take refuge on a coat" , said one of the rescuers media EDP .

Miraculously, the tomcat landed with a veterinarian... who discovered he was carrying a flea! And it is thanks to this that the feline, called Claudia, was able to find her real family who was looking for him and desperately waiting for her return for not less than 15 months!

If all is well that ends well, this story to the happy ending must remind you how important it is never to forget to make your faithful four-legged suck .

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