14 Years after the disappearance of her cat, she finds him safe and sound

Since 2002, the cat named Misty has been missing. Recently found in good health near a cafe in Keighley (United Kingdom), he was returned to his mistress.

A valiant valet, nothing is impossible. For fourteen years, Diane Grieg has been searching for Misty, her missing cat, with all her strength. She refused the idea of ​​having lost her forever, reported Daily Mail . And his patience ended up paying: a veterinarian based at a quarts of from her home recently phoned to announce that he had identified his feline with the chip he was wearing.

He was only 4 years old when he vanished from his mistress's house. Also, it is almost incredible that he was found safe and sound at the age of 18 years . Some data that might suggest that the animal may have had another home during all these years...

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But no matter, everything is fine that ends well. "It would be great if Misty could talk and tell us about her adventures," the owner admitted. However, the happiness of having found his hairball good health premium above all. "He is very old now. We will make up for lost time. It's so amazing to have seen him come back after all these years! "She said

The microchip, a saving detail

As said above, this happy ending would not have happened if the animal had not been identified. "L ' identification is the best way to tell an animal that we love it. This is a way of telling him: "You are part of my family.", Said Remi Gellé, veterinarian and President of I-Cad, about this at a press conference last October.

Tattoos and fleas make it possible to increase by 40% his chances of finding his animal in case of loss. Do not take any unnecessary risk, have your companion identified!

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