14 Stories, 14 photos, to support the homeless and their dogs

The association Gamelles Pleines, which is dedicated to the social accompaniment of underprivileged teachers and their dogs, has published its 2018 calendar: find 14 touching stories and portraits of men and animals living on the street.

to restore the confidence of these men marked by the street, the association Gamelles Pleines mobilized hairdressers, groomers, photographers, canine educators or even musicians to offer them a makeover and a little joy in their daily morose to the occasion of the action ¬ęthe kings of the street . Their animals were also able to benefit from kibbles and accessories; the opportunity to highlight the complicity that emerges from the relationship between these men and their animals who are often their only family.

The professional photographer Jacky Lecanu realized the portraits of these duets master-animal in order to immortalize this moment if particular of human beings having regained a dignity often lost.

All these chicles constitute the calendar 2018 of the association Gamelles Pleines . The latter is marketed at a price of 15 euros , and all the profits will be donated to the association. The funds will be used to finance its actions: marauding and food aid, veterinary care (vaccination, sterilization...) and epidemic prevention, equipment of social structures, upholstery and help from teachers, dog training, support, support for social workers, etc.

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