122 Dogs have died on planes since 2005

Want to go holidays with your dog? Owners of short-nosed or brachycephalic dogs : attention to

trips. Indeed, Bulldog and other Pugs are more likely than others to have respiratory problems when in the hold of the aircraft

122 dogs have died in aircraft holds since 2005. The majority of them were short-snouted. These dog breeds have breathing problems due to the shape of their skull.

Dogs with a long snout have a larger nasal cavity. They are less sensitive to changes in temperature. In an aircraft hold, the air is very hot and can be depleted of oxygen. Brachycephalic dogs do not have the breathing capacity to cool the air, and accidents can occur faster.

Before flying with your dog, it is strongly advised to see your veterinarian . A healthy, well-socialized and stress-free dog will be more likely to have a serene trip.

Also make sure that the bunker temperature of the aircraft is controlled. Or, extreme and non-ecological method but certainly effective for the health of your dog: charter him a private jet , like that of Bo, the dog of Barack Obama...