12 Years after his death, a cat found his home!

On Thursday, October 27th, a lost cat was able to find his mistress in Calgary (Canada). He had disappeared in 2004.

Sometimes life is full of surprises. A cat worn disappeared for 12 years has just been returned to his masters. Called Phoenix, he was only a year old when he lost the road to his home. Miraculously, a couple seeing the stray animal in his neighborhood decided to catch him to bring him to a veterinary clinic, reported CBC . With the help of practitioner Elaine Murphy and the Society for the Protection of Animals (SPCA) registry, the owners of the pet were found.

The cat had a tattoo in his ear, but it was faded readable.

In search of unknown benefactors

"I never thought to see him again" , said Krista Sylvester. It must be said that more than 10 years had passed and she had since adopted two other cats. Moreover, because of her overweight and the shine of her hair, the vet estimated that the animal had "been cared for by someone" . Also, "if someone has really cared for it for the past ten years, they must have the heart broken. It will be hard to make it, but I think it's the right thing to do ", the happy mistress said. But being the only one on the record, it is unlikely that the adoptive family of the cat is easily found...

Like what, it is important to identify his animal. Smart and tattoo are safe values ​​to find more easily his companion in case of disappearance.

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