12 Signs that prove your cat is your best friend

No, the cat is not a selfish animal that only enjoys its master. He simply has a special way of showing you his feelings.

1. It invades every inch of your space... and you love it!

2. He constantly asks for cuddles

3. When you leave, he is all unhappy

4. And when you come home, he lets you know that he is happy

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5. You really have no secrets for him

6. He is the first to console you when you have a heart attack

7. He also knows how to call you to order

8. He devotes himself generously to test your dishes

9. He puts his hair on your clothes so that you think of him

10. On your mobile, on social networks... it does not matter: the photos of him are everywhere

11. Snuggled against you at night, he never makes fun of your pajamas... even if he's really awful

12. For him, you are almost more important than the boxes and the food

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