12 Cozy corners for your dog's comfort

Replace the basket of your doggie with a cozy arrangement, in keeping with your interior. And if that was the right idea?

With a strong sense of ownership, the dog, more than any other animal, gives a great importance to its rest area . Whether it is a basket, a fitted niche or a simple cushion, it is important that it has a place of its own where it will be quiet, without being cut off from life of Last . Moloss or adorable mini-format, your companion needs an intimate space to rest but also satisfy his instinct of territoriality. So that its comfort and your decoration are no more sworn enemies, Houzz proposes to you 12 ideas of arrangements and many advices so that your dog has his own "home"... at your home.

1. A Bohemian Corner

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Create a bohemian nook that your dog can take. To delineate it, the idea of ​​making a small promontory is ingenious. To give it a very trendy recycling aspect, some intersected palettes will suffice. It's up to you to make it cozy with pretty blankets and cushions. However, be careful with splinters: remember to sand and varnish your platform in a pallet

2. In a suitcase

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Exit the classic basket and its look plan-plane that plumb a decoration. Think about recycling, it's right in the trend and it gives a crazy style to your interior. A suitcase watch can easily serve as bed for your little dog. Simply choose a model and size that fits the size of your companion to make it comfortable. An idea to customize at will. For a less contemporary look and more chic flea market, take an old suitcase, as you can easily find in neighborhood garages. You can even decorate the top hinge by hanging pictures of your four-legged companion or toys that can be chewed.

3. A niche in the kitchen

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Your dog will particularly like kitchen . Indeed, it is not only a place of family life where he will feel the most your presence, but it is also the place where, often, is his bowl. Creating a corner of his own where he can eat and sleep brings him a feeling of securing appropriation. If you have a nook available, you can create a comfortable niche.

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When planning your home future kitchen, you can also plan the creation of this niche and integrate it into your plans. But, if you're not there anymore, do not panic! You can simply free one of the cupboards at the bottom of your kitchen. After removing the doors and skirting boards and ensuring that the dimensions are right for your pet's comfort, you can create a cozy corner

4. A real teepee

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Take your dog as an excuse to bring the tipi into your house. This traditional Native American dwelling has become very trendy in recent years. But if it was only a pretty decorative piece, it would not be possible to propose it as a layer to our hairballs. It turns out to be a very nice indoor alternative to the niche, creating a cozy cocoon that dogs love to appropriate. To be reserved for small animals and not too abrupt. Great Dane and cloth tepee will do bad.

5. Under the stairs

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The space under staircase is a surface not to be neglected. Many amenities are possible: drawers, cupboards, shelves, but also a comfortable hiding place for your hair companion. The advantage: You can install doors and hide the dog's basket when playing outside or when you receive guests

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Simple and economical idea: the formwork composed of an OSB board. This material, composed of fine strips of agglomerated wood, has the advantage of being as solid as solid wood while being less expensive. Affixed to this staircase, it brings its raw side and adds to the Scandinavian style of the room. As for the dog's kennel, it can be created according to its needs and desires thanks to a simple cut

6. Or on the stairs

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If your dog has made the stairs of the house his reserved area, the following idea should keep your attention. Here is a closet adjacent to the staircase that was drilled to create a small niche for the family dog. An arched opening that perfectly coincides with the style of the house. From the top of his promontory, he will be able to ensure that no intruder returns home and monitor the comings and goings.

7. On the edge of the window

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A large window sill can be optimized as a sleeping area for your dog, as the l have made these Scottish owners. In addition to being a space-saving and practical tip since the dog has a bowl close to it, this big, colorful cushion breaks the impression of the depth of this kitchen in length.

8. In Furnished Furniture

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plain laundries Why not put some of your furniture into a cozy niche for your dog? Look around: is not it enough to take down one of your lower cupboards and remove the doors to create a space that you will dress in a comfortable cushion? A simple solution adapted to the greatest number since we have almost all closets suitable for conversion.

9. A bed near your bed

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Sometimes masters and dogs can not sleep apart. In this case, it can be ingenious to establish a real bed for the animal in the now common room. To avoid making concessions on their elegant and minimalist decor, the inhabitants of this Texan house have chosen a modern and design version of the dog basket, inspired by the iconic LC2

10 chair. In the entrance

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The dog's sleeping place must be a place where he feels safe. This is why, by freeing up space in an old closet or closet, it will feel like in a comfortable niche. However, it is important to ensure that the area is not too small, easily accessible for your quadruped and very well ventilated. Thus installed in the entrance, the dog can come and go as he pleases in the garden.

11. A retractable bed

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The young owner of this house was tired of stumbling on the basket of Luna, her golden retriever. The laundry being small and dark, she decided to optimize it. The main purpose of the work was to install large cupboards and lighten the room with furniture and a clear mural. It was during these developments that she had the idea to install this retractable canine bed.

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An idea that surprised the young woman so much she was simple to set up technically. Now, Luna has a comfortable basket and, during the day, the laundry room remains clean and tidy.

12. An optimized bench

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An ingenious idea to optimize a living room, proposed by a Parisian architect. A sofa niche was created. Above are storage so that no space is lost. Below, it is a place of choice that has been arranged for the four-legged companion of the family

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