1000-Year-old dog bones discovered in Peru

The remains of 10 dogs, two guinea pigs and of a human being were discovered in the "Legends Park" in Lima, Peru. These bones dating from 1000 years ago make it possible to know more about the role of animals in the Ychsma culture.

Ychsma is the name of a civilization which, between 900 and 1470 AD C., marked the central coast of Peru. The Pachacamac temple, located on an archaeological park of 460 hectares, is the symbol of its hegemony. This is where remains of dogs, black guinea pigs and a human have recently been found.

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Animals, sacrificial victims

Among the dogs were males and females, one of which resembled a German Shepherd and another a Shih Tzu. They were tied by the neck as well as by their front and back legs. Signs of asphyxiation and fractures have been revealed. This suggests that these animals were killed by strangulation and served as "sacrifices" to lead the dead to the hereafter. The guinea pigs, buried with the dead, were offerings to the dead. deities.

Between 2012 and 2013, the mummies of 138 dogs and 134 humans were exhumed. According to the scientists, the men would not have died of a natural death, but would have been violently killed if one believes the numerous fractures found on their body. An ethnic conflict could have been at the origin of this large number of dead . The Ychsmas would then have decided to sacrifice many dogs, these animals being supposed, according to their beliefs, to accompany to death.

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