10 Years after his death, a cat scratches again at the door of his masters

Ten years after the disappearance of their cat, the members of a Rennes family did not hope to see him again one day... But fate has decided otherwise!

Like many cats, Smoky had the opportunity to leave his house, and always came back when his masters called him. But one day, he did not return, reports West-France . Weeks, months, then years passed, so that his humans eventually lost all hope to find him one day. Smoky must have been run over by a car...

Their missing cat is back!

But ten years later, a cat came to scratch at their door. When he saw it, the family first thought it was another cat. But very quickly, she noticed that her coat and her stains were strangely familiar... And for good reason: it was Smoky . Their missing cat was back!

The family took the feline to a veterinarian who confirmed, thanks to the microchip reader, that it was Smoky. In great shape, the animal certainly had to stay in other humans during all these years... but no one knows who took care of him.

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