10 Very expressive dogs that will make you laugh!

The German photographer Elke Vogelsang decided to start a photo shoot... with dogs. And in her series of snapshots titled Dogs Questioning the Photographer's Sanity (Dogs questioning the photographer's intelligence), she seems to have managed to capture them as they seemed to judge her...

Elke Vogelsang is the proud owner of three hairballs and has an unconditional love for them. Her passion ? It's about photographing people... and animals! But what about his technique? When it comes to reacting dogs, she uses different words, sounds, accessories to get their attention. Then she shoots. And after looking at her pictures, she spotted something: "I realized that some shots show dogs surprised or disturbed ," she said at Huffington Post . So I decided to do a tour of my photos to make a series. "

So she put the dogs in front of the camera to show their reactions , all more crazy than the others:

1. "Are you sure what you're doing?"

2. "I am not convinced of the result"

3. "You scare me"

4. "Why did they bring me here?"

5. "Uh... really?"

6. "My most beautiful look of slayer"

7. "Are you talking to me?"

8. "Look at my best smile"

9. "This is my best profile, no?"

10. "But what does she want from me?"

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